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For Immediate Release: - (6-11-13-PDF Download)
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A Daily Devotional full of Spiritual Truths
Endorsed by major spiritual leaders

June 11, 2013, Ormond Beach, FL - John K. Wine, Ormond Beach, FL author has just released the digital version of his latest book "Don't Worry - Be Hopeful" which is a daily devotional full of powerful spiritual truths that will forever change your quality of life. Endorsed by great spiritual leaders such as Pat Robertson of The 700 Club & CBN and Dr. Jim Guth of the Billy Graham organization this book is NOT just a one-time read but a constant companion which you can read over and over. This handbook will become a real companion. "Don't Worry - Be Hopeful" also has also been endorsed by Dr. Bobby Welch, Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention; and Dr. Mark Howell, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church (Daytona Beach.)

A quote from Dr. Guth: ” Don’t Worry - Be Hopeful” is an easy-to-read devotional and spiritual handbook. It is a comprehensive reminder of biblical truths and of the abundant life given to us through the grace and gift of God in Christ Jesus.”

The book has now made it into the computers of viewers in 24 different regions of the world, from Alaska in the USA to Australia, Europe, Africa, China and more. The e-book rose quickly, in just a few short weeks, to the top rankings in Google and Bing searches - the book ranked at the #1, #2, #3, and #4 spots out of 10,800,000 results on a 3/12/13 Google search and remains in the top four slots (out of 10,900,000 results) on a 6/11/13 search. An AVG search ranked the book in the top 6 slots!

The book is perfectly suited to digital distribution and can be used as both a personal book and as a basis for teaching bible classes, mentoring programs, and in similar manner by using the various digital technologies available today to project the book (from an iPad, smart phone, tablet, etc.) onto large projection screens viewable by just a living room full of people or to thousands in an arena setting.

The book is now available for $2.99 in virtually every e-reader format including mobi (Kindle, all versions), epub (Sony, Nook, Apple, Kobo, etc.), html, pdf, rtf, ltf, and plain text and is now being marketed on a global basis through the various distribution channels of Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc. The book is also enabled for library lending so it can be acquired by various libraries around the world and then loaned to library clientele just as with any other book. This digital e-book has already risen, in a few short weeks, to the top rankings in Google and Bing searches - the book ranked at the #1, #2, #3, and #4 spots out of 10,800,000 results on a recent (3/12/13) Google search. Direct download links are available at the website,


If you'd like more information about this new book, or to schedule an interview with John Wine, please call (386)-615-1411 or Cell: (386)-631-7671
You can also reach John via email at johnwine@dontworrybehopeful.org