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A Daily Devotional full of Spiritual Truths

Some who have endorsed the book:

Dr. Jim Guth "I have known and worked with John Wine for over 10 years. He was mentored by Dr. Bill Bright, the founder and president of Campus Crusade for Christ. John developed a passion and mandate for the GREAT COMMISION, given by Christ to share Christ, starting in Jerusalem and to the utter most parts of the world (John established the GREAT COMMISION CONNECTION).

"Think on These Things" found its way around the world. "Don't Worry - Be Hopeful" is the next blessing from God".

Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" Don't Worry Be Hopeful is an easy-to-read devotional and spiritual handbook. It is a comprehensive reminder of biblical truths and of the abundant life given to us through the grace and gift of God in Christ Jesus.

Dr. Jim Guth My Hope Regional Coordinator
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Florida Men of Integrity



Dr. Pat Robertson

"The Apostle Paul told the church at Phillipi to "think on these things" Even as our bodies need physical food, our minds and our spirit cry out for spiritual food.

How wonderful to have a small book to bring day by day precious truths to feed our spirits"

Pat Robertson
Founder of CBN & The 700 Club









Dr. Bobby Welch

"The largest battle of each day is usually making time for daily devotions. "Think on these things" is another way to win the way for spiritual encouragement day-to-day! It has blessed me and it will bless others"

Dr. Bobby Welch
Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention





Dr. Mark Howell

We live in a world where everyone has an opinion. You can't go far without encountering someone who wants you to know "what they think" about politics, religion, sports or culture. It really is amazing how many opinions we are exposed to daily. Well, have you ever stopped to consider that it really does not matter what we think?

Do you realize that our opinions really don't matter? Yes, it's true. What matters more than anything is not what we think at all, but rather what God thinks. His opinion supersedes all others. Now, if this is true, then it makes sense that our primary pursuit should be to find out what God thinks about things. And the only place that you and I can go to hear God's final word on matters is the Bible. That is the place where God makes His opinion known to people like you and me.

The book that you hold in your hand is a valuable tool to assist you in your daily pur- suit to learn what God thinks about living life in today's world. John Wine has given to us an invaluable guide to assist us as we search the Scriptures for God's wisdom for living life.

Someone has said that the Bible is so powerful that it touches every key and hits every note on the keyboard of the human heart. Simply put, no struggles that you will encounter in the living of life, no decisions that you will make in the pursuit of your work and no challenges that you will face in the building of relationships are left untouched by God's Word. Take this wonderful guide, open your Bible and begin the life-changing journey of allowing God's opinions to shape your opinions.

Dr. Mark Howell Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
(Down Town), Daytona Beach, Florida

If you'd like more information about this new book, or to schedule an interview with John Wine, please call (386)-615-1411 or Cell: (386)-631-7671
You can also reach John via email at johnwine@dontworrybehopeful.org